Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Nov 27, 2013

New Chicken Coop Part 7

We have electricity in the coop!!


Those dark winter mornings when I have to go out to the coop to feed and chickens and bring them water its been a pain having to wear a head lamp or bring a flashlight.  In the new coop there will be two light bubls.  One in my storage room and one in the chickens space.

I am very excited to say the electricity has been all wired up!!

We also strategically placed outlets in the coop.

Redneck was the most curious chicken but we had another one of the girls become more curious as we get closer to complesion.  This hen is checken out my shelf.

With electricity in the coop this meant we could work later into the night.  Well except for a few nights where it was bitterly cold out.  This next picture is of the new roosts.  Each roost is removable to make it easier to clean the floor.  We also created a poop deflector to keep the poop from piling up in the corner.


We also had to make sure the chickens would like their new roost.


She was a little timid at first so we had to help her get to the top roost.  She looks pretty good up there.