Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Nov 30, 2013

New Chicken Coop Part 8

The chicken coop is really starting to come together.  This post has a lot of the finishing touches.  You're going to like it :)


The entry room is all finished!  Here is a panaramic photo of what it looks like.

We still have to install the cooler water system so the shelf is still a little bare.  What are those two white tubes you ask?  Here is a photo from the other side of the wall...

As you can see the chickens have moved into the coop. This chicken was perfectly content standing in my way.  After asking her nicely to move I had to gently poke her to get her to move.  Here is the same picture but without a hen in the way.

Oh! I almost forgot! I did get an action shot... well video of Jim cutting the hole in the wall for the pipe.


I think the best way to show the lay out of the entire coop is by showing you a video.  Then I can show more detailed photos of each area.


At the very end of the video you may have noticed a piece of wood leaning on the wall towards the bottom left corner of the video.  Now why would we do that?  Let me show you!!


Its the poop shoot!  In the spring we plan on building a trailer that we can leave under the coop and can tow behind the ATV.  This will make cleaning the coop much easier :)