Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Dec 3, 2013

New Chicken Coop Part 9

Since there are so many good photos and videos left of the finished coop I had to make another entry.


On those super cold nights we want to have the chicken coop be as air tight as possible.  That means the chicken's door would have to close somehow.  We learned from our last coop that a door that slides across the floor is not a good idea, because it fills in with dirt, shavings and poop.  In order to close the door I have to use a screw driver to clean out the track.  This new door slides up and down.  A much better idea!  Of course I have a video to demonstrate this!


The first night the chickens slept in their new home we had to move them from their old coop to the new coop.  One at a time we carried them over.  Even though the spent part of the day going in and out of the new coop they didn't know that was there new home.  Here is a picture of their first night in the new coop.

There was a lot of confusing for the chickens that night.  Since then they have figured things out.  I have been able to take a better picture.  It helped that the light in the coop was on.


They are all snuggled up :) 

Here is what the outside of the coop looks like.  All we need to do now is install a few windows.

The electric fence has saved the chickens a couple times.  Jim has seen a fox touch the tip of his noise to the fence.  Mr. Fox didn't like that one bit!