Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Feb 2, 2014

Building Pipe Line

We had a busy weekend here at Country Maple Farms.  We were out in the woods building pipe line.

This is a picture of a new main line that we put up.  Continue reading to hear more about it!!


The area where you have a lot of taps and/or put up pipe line is called a sugar bush.  The black plastic tubing is used for the main line.  This is the main branch(es) of the pipeline.  The pipe in the picture is 1" in diameter.  There is more than one way to put this up in the woods.  Jim decided the best way for this section of mainline would be to use the wire and wire ties to hold it up.  Lucky for you I was able to make a couple videos of Jim installing the wire ties!


In this short little video Jim wraps the wire tie around the wire support and the tubing.  He uses his amazing tool to twist the wire tie.  Without the tool it would take foreeeeever to put all those wire ties on.  Jim has put so many wire ties on he is like a pro at it!

The reason for using so many wire ties is you don't want your pipeline to sag.  You want it tight, straight and going down hill.  I wasn't with Jim when he was doing the leveling out process so no pictures of that.

Once we finished with this section of main line we added another section.  We want the main line to run as the main artery of the whole pipeline.  Then we use the smaller (5/16") tubing as the little veins that run to the trees.  This next section we didn't use the wire to help support it.  We secured the top end of the pipe to a tree using rope.  Then we went to the bottom of the pipe and used a come along to tighten it.  I forgot to take a video of this, sorry!  Here is a photo of the tubing without wire.

It is kind of hard to see where the pipeline goes so, using an app on my phone I drew a yellow line over the pipeline.

This pipeline continues down the hill and connects to the pipe line with the wire ties.  Once you get your main line set up then you can start working on the little veins.

Here is a picture of the 5/16" pipeline running through it.

Just in case you can't find where it runs through the photo I put a yellow line over the pipeline in the next photo.

The part that I think is really neat about this smaller tubing is how it connects to the main line.  There is more than one way to connect it.  Here is a picture of how we connected it at the top end of the main line.

You can have up to 6 lines go into the end of a pipe line at once.  In this picture since we only needed to have 4 lines run into the main line we used the connector piece with 4 spots on it. 

Hopefully the next time I am out in the woods I can take more pictures to share. As I am writing I am realizing all the photos I didn't take.

Here is a picture of our farm truck all loaded up ready to go out into the woods!

One last picture to share.  Now that the sun is starting to rise earlier, it is very pretty when I go out to the chicken coop.  Here is a picture of the coop and the sky.

Let us know if you have any questions on our page.  We would love to hear from you!