Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Feb 12, 2014

Hot Water in the Sugar House

Remember my blog post where I was super excited that we had a sink in the sugar house.  Now we have hot water!!!


The wonders of craigslist.  While Jim was perusing craigslist he saw that someone in NH had a small hot water heater they were trying to sell.  So, on our way back from bringing my snow mobile to the shop (grr!!!) we stopped by and picked it up.  It is super amazing to have hot water in the sugar house.  We were able to make hot water before, but to have hot water ready to use is even better!  Here are a few pictures...

Jim and his brother had to build a new shelf in the corner of the canning room to put the heater on.  Then they had to run water pipes to it.  It looks like this picture was taken before the other pipe was added in case the heater built up too much pressure and has to release the steam.  Something like that.

This picture is a little confusing.  The two gold nossels are to mix the hot and cold water to the hose.  That way when we need to wash things with hot water that won't fit in the sink it is much easier.