Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Feb 17, 2014

Busy President's Day Weekend

As the warmer weather approaches we are still very busy setting up new pipeline.  Since it was the weekend and I wasn't at work I was able to get some good photos and videos to share :)

Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off to Work We Go

 Here Jim and Ken are heading up the hill...


I really do love snow.  But I have to say, walking up and down this hill side in the knee deep snow is a pain in the butt.  Sometimes it is easier if you leave some of your supplies in the woods.  In the picture below we left some drop lines (the short pipe that goes from the tree to the pipeline) in the woods.  Knowing that it was going to snow, we bundled them up and hung them from a tree.

Part of the weekend Ken was putting drop lines on the pipe line and Jim and I were connecting the pipe line to the main line.  If you are only adding one of the small 5/16" lines to the 3/4" or 1" main line you will use a sadle to do so.  First you have to drill a hole into the pipe line.  Here is a short video of Jim drilling the hole...

Once you get the hole drilled you careful take off the tool.  I swear, in the maple industry there is a tool for everything... Anyway, when you take the drill off you have to be careful so the plastic doesn't fall into the pipe line.  Then you put the saddle on and squeez it closed.

Once this is in place you have to get the 5/16" line onto it.  Sometimes you get just put it on with your hands... which is not always easy.  Sometimes you can use the pipeline tool (you'll see this in a bit).  This sadle Jim was able to put the line onto it with his hands.

When its all done it looks like this...