Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Feb 18, 2014

Busy President's Day Weekend Coninued

We were so busy this past weekend its worth two posts!  Please keep reading to see what else we did :)


With all the snow on the ground it makes the pipe lines stand out more in the snow.  Here is a picture with a few pipe lines in it.

We were having so much fun we had to document it. 

One of the days we were working, we realized we didn't have all the parts that we needed.  So... we made a trip up to Bascom's Maple Farm to buy more supplies and pick up a few of our empty kegs (we use beer kegs to store syrup in).

Here is Jim picking out the Saddles that we need.

Here are a few more pictures of pipeline coming together.

In the last blog post I mentioned that you would see the pipe line tool.  This tool is amazing!  Here is a video of Jim at work adding a drop line.


See what I mean about the tool being amazing :)

I do have to say there was one day where we had one of our snow mobiles to use to bring our supplies up and down the hill.  This was a fantastic idea!!

Alright one more picture.  Part of the reason I love snow so much is because I think it is absolutely beautiful.  Here is a picture I took while we were out working in the woods.

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