Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Jun 24, 2014

Time is Just Flying by Again

I apologize for the lack of updates.  It seems that life gets in the way of blogging.  To make up for it I'm going to pack this post full!!


Since I last posted our chicks have grown a ton!  Everyone is doing great.  All of the chicks and ducks are outside.  Here is a picture of the 4 chicks from our first batch that we hatched.  They were a little confused and thought it was bed time in the middle of the day!

This next picture was taken a few weeks ago.  Everybody is checking out their new digs outside.

Once these young chicks get a little bigger the will be moved into the larger coup with all the other birds.

When we know we are going to be home for the afternoon we like to let the chickens free range in the yard.  The somehow always manage to make a mess and pile leaves onto the lawn.

In the last post we were putting together our green house.  Well we loaded it up with tomatoes.  They are doing fantastic!!

I can't wait to eat them!  Nothing like a fresh picked tomato!

We are trying the straw thing this year.  I sure hope it works.  We are not fans of weeding!

 Now as the chicks start to grow up we learn which ones are Roosters.  Here is a short video of a young rooster crowing.  Not very impressive...

Do you remember back when we built our newest chicken coop there was a little bit about the trap door.  After the long winter we had I was very grateful for the trap door.  It made cleaning out the coup much easier.

The chickens love it when you find them treats to eat outside!  Watch as a few chickens fully enjoying eating some ants.

When it first started to get warm out we opened up our bedroom window.  Well a pair of Robins took this as a great opportunity to build a nest.

It has been great watching the little birdies grow up.  Here is pictures of the different stages so far!

We put a fan with a towel over it in front of the window so Mamma and Daddy bird couldn't see us.  They seem to tolerate when we try to take a peak at the birds.  All three eggs hatched.  It looks like the birds are all doing well.

Well I guess that is it for this post.  Please be sure to comment on our Facebook page.  I would love to hear your feed back!