Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Apr 22, 2015

Maple Syrup's Nutritional Value

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in maple syrup? ...



A whole bunch of minerals and vitamins.  Maple syrup is a 100% natural sweetener.

Here are some unique beneifts of pure maple syrup.

  • Pure maple syrup delivers more overall nutional value than many common sweeteners and has one of the lowest calorie levels.
  • Pure maple syrup provides enhanced antioxidant levels compared to other common and popular foods, such as apples and broccoli
  • Pure maple syrup may have other health benefits that are currently being studied.

Here is a comparison of some common vegetables and their Antioxidant value

One of the greatest things about using maple syrup as a sweetener is it is so versatile.  You can use it for cooking dinner, baking or even sweetening your coffee.  If you don't want to use it in the syrup form you could get it in the sugar form.  We are looking into make our own maple sugar and hopefully will have it for sale soon!



Note: My source for the informaiton on this page is the International Maple Syrup Institute