Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Apr 24, 2015

Growing Sprouts

Sprouts are an easy way to feed chickens some greenage during the winter.  Here what we did to grow them...


First we bought two plant trays.  We poked holes in one of the trays with a push pin.  This will let the water drain out.
We had to figure out a way to hold the tray that was going to have the sprouts in it up from the bottom tray.  Mason jar rings seems to work just fine.
After soaking your sprouts over night in plenty of water line your tray with the sprouts.
Now, twice a day you will need to water the sprouts.  Make sure you also empty the water collection tray underneath.  The sprouts should not sit in standing water as they will grow mold.  Gross!
This is the sprouts about 1.5 days after putting the sprout seeds in the tray.
When you water the sprouts in the beginning stages they seem to float and go all over the place.  No need to worry if this happens.  They will figure out which way to grow.
About the fourth day this is what the sprouts look like (I had just watered them).
By day 6 we have a jungle of sprouts!
You can start eating them any time now.  It usually takes us a few days to feed them to the girls since we give them a little bit at a time.
Thanks for reading!