Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
May 27, 2015

Garden is Planted!

Over the weekend we were able to plant our garden.


Unfortunately we were unable to start our own seeds earlier in the spring.  Things got a little crazy this year with sugaring and we just didn't have time.  We bought our plants from a few different local locations.  Plus my Dad gave us some of his starters :)

Its been a couple days since we got everything in the ground.  Hopefully I can remember what is what.

We have this crazy obsessin with brussels sprouts so a lot of these plants are brussels sprouts.  On the far left there is a few celery plants.  We are experimenting this year.  We have never tried to grow celery before.

This tall skinny picture is a photo of what will hopefully be some of our cucumber plants.  They seem to do well growing up the fence.  Plus it makes finding the cucumbers a little easier :)  At the very top of the picture there is one hill that I believe we planted Zucchini seeds in.

This is another experiment.  The middle plot is more cucumbers.  The top and bottom plots are mystery squashes that my Dad gave us.  The theory behind this is once the plants roots get deep enough we should be able to just fill the old planting containers with water and the water will leak out the holes in the bottom and water the plants. 

This part of the garden is all leafy greens.  On the far right we have different kind of lettuce.  In the middle we have one row of lettuce seeds.  In a couple weeks we plan to start another row next to that one in the same hill.  On the far left we planted some swiss chard.

In the green house we planted different varieties of tomatoes and some pepper plants.  We are hoping to have a successful garden this year :)

This is one of our chicks.  I had let them out of their section in the coop and was supervising.  I wanted to make sure they (there are 6 of them) didn't get picked on too much from the bigger girls.

Those don't look like chickens! hehe... Turkey poults!  We are growing turkeys this year to sell for Thanksgiving!  For now they are in the small section of the chicken coop.  When they get a little bigger we plan on moving them so they are up by our garden.  This way they will have plenty of room to free range if they would like.

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