Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Jul 30, 2015

Mid Summer

It happened again... I got so busy with life I didn't take the time to write any blog posts.  Our ducklings and chicks are all grown... So is our garden!!


They don't all have names yet.  The brown one is Gallahad (I'm not really sure if there is a correct way to spell his name), The more dark grey one towards the front is Jack.  The black and brown one behind Gallahad is Lucy.  Penelope isn't in the picture.  We just need one more girl name and one boy name.  The ducks are very entertaining.  They quack me up! haha... sorry I couldn't resist :)

The lettuce is doing great!

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago I belive.  We decided to try growing Bell Peppers in the green house this year.  They seem to love it.  Each plant is loaded with peppers!

Here is some of the tomatoes in the green house.  This was also taken a little bit ago.

Look at that handsome face!

The wall of cucumbers!

I can't wait to eat these babies later in the fall!

Here is Tilly!

 Here is a video of Lucy looking for buried treasurer!  She is funny... the ducks still don't really know what they think of me.  They are slowly getting closer and closer to me.  While Lucy was searching I don't think she noticed how close she got.  But when she stands up she notices... hahaha...