Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Jan 29, 2016

Vacuum System

I realized that in all my posts about building the vacuum shed I never explained why a sugar maker would want to put vacuum on their pipelines or how it works.


It just so happens that two years ago I wrote a blog post about it.  If you'd like to learn more about vacuum pumps click here.

In that post the vacuum pump we had was just an old farm milking pump.  We were unable to get a high amount of vacuum on our pipelines.  It also ran on gas.  Our new pump runs on electricity.

In order for the electricity to get added to our new vacuum shed we had to get something.  Can you spot it in this picture?

Now... to help make this vacuum pump do a better job than our last one we are working on adding a dry line.  This is pipeline that is connected to the vacuum pump that no sap runs through it.  We are running it to about three quarters to the top of the sugar bush.  We then connect it to a vacuum booster.  This helps to make sure the vacuum gets to the top section of the sugar bush.

The first thing we did was run the wire through the woods.  Of course you need a way for the wire to un-spool without tangling.


This next video is of Jim cutting the end of a new roll of mainline.  If you listen carefully you can hear the air moving and then the end just pops off.

Once the dry line has been fully installed this is what it will look like...

We have attached all the current pipeline to the new vacuum shed.

We have also brought over some of the euipment to go inside the vacuum shed.

The euipment on the floor is the vacuum pump.  That little thing is going to work its magic for us!  On the right, the blue thing is the realeser.  The pipes going in the vacuum shed are going to be connected to it.  When that fills with sap it will dump into the stainless tank.  From there it will be pumped up to a larger tank that will be closer to the road.  Once this is all hooked up I will try to write another post about it.