Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Feb 1, 2016

Another Weekend of Work

Another weekend has come and gone where we were out in the woods getting some work done.


Last week the electricitan stopped by to get the vacuum shed ready to be hooked up to the grid.

Here I am being the pack mule (I have a very large pack on my back)

We spent a good amoutn of time on Saturday putting twisty ties on the new dryline.  The twisty ties hold the pipe line to the wire.  The wire helps support the pipeline.  Here is a video we made back in 2014.


The beard!!

With the two lines running with one (the dry line) on top of the other.  It looks like this.

In order for the vacuum to efficiently get from the dry line to the wet/sap line we have to make connections every 100 feet or so.  Here is a collection of videos of Jim connecting the two pipelines.

Adding the last piece of pipe in probably would have been a little easier if it didn't have a curve to it.  When we store the pipeline it is all rolled up.

Besides working out in the woods this weekend we worked in the sugar house and made another batch of Maple Cream. 

The lighting in the canning room in the sugar house isn't very good.  Otherwise, I'd take more photos during the cream making process.  Plus, I'm usually pretty busy.  We need someone else to take the photos.