Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Feb 8, 2016

Have a Look See

Have a look see at what we were up to this past weekend.


Sometimes the pipeline needs to be really high up off the ground.  In order to work on it you'll need a ladder.

A little bit ago we bought a new to us sap hauler.  I am not a big fan of drilling holes into... anything really.  Here is a video of Jim drilling a hole in the bed of the truck.

He is drilling the hole so we can anchor the sap tank to the truck.  Here is a picture of the truck with the sap tank on it.

Isn't she beautiful!  Now all we need to do is put our farm name on her.  The truck did have someone else's farm name on it.   Here is a video of Jim taking it off with thepressure washer.

On Saturday we put up another dry line and connected it to the wire.  This is a slow going project.  Here is a picture of Jim and Ken working hard.

In other news... a few of our guinea hens have taken to going way up in the trees...

Thats them way up above the chicken coops. 

Here they are doing their thing, squawking away.