Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Apr 8, 2016

After Sugaring

With sugaring season over we have moved on to spring activities!


One of the first things we do every spring is clean the chicken coop.  Not one of my favorite farm jobs, but everybody sure loves it.


The ducks are quite sure what to think of the clean coop.

Sometimes you have to take a minute and cuddle a chicken.

 Not everyone lovs Guinea hens.  The can be very noisy.  I happen to like them a lot.  I think they are very funny.  They won't ever come near me.  If for some reason they get too close they usually make a quick get away.  The tend to travel as a flock (not always).  Here is a video of them sneaking by me in the coop.


Sometimes when you are sun bathing... it is just so hard to stay awake...


Here is what it looks like after a chicken takes a dust bath...

Alright, thats probably enough chicken videos... haha... I could talk chicken all day!

One of our goals for the spring/early summer is to expand the chicken run.  They could use some more space.  First thing we had to do is cut a few trees down.  The trees we cut down were either dead or close to it.  Cutting them down before we add more fencing only makes sense.

Next thing we had to do is get fence posts.  Instead of going to the store we went out into the woods and cut some small Iron Wood trees.  Here is a picture of the guinea hens checking out our fence posts.