Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Nov 18, 2013

New Chicken Coop Part 4

Time to put some walls on!


Our other chicken coop has board and batten sidings.  We decided that it would look better on the new coop to have ship lap siding, since this coop is a lot bigger.  This meant we would have to LSKHGLKDSG to a lot of boards.  Plus we would have to do it twice for every board.  Here is Jim trying to figure out how to use the router that we borrowed from the neighbor (gotta love neighbors!).

The first boards are up!

Pictures make it look so easy.  Getting all this boards done was a lot of hard work.  Jim's brother Ken did most of this work for us.  Thank you Ken!!

Completed Walls

When we built the fram and put the siding up we had to plan out all the doors.  On the front side this door leads into what is going to be my storage room in the coop.  Then there will be two doors for me to be able to get into the chickens yard.  one yard is the yard they already have the other yard is yet to be fenced in.  That will be a project for the spring time.

Inside Doors

Here is what the other half of the coop looks like to this point from the same spot as the photo above.

While all this work is going on don't forget the chickens are roaming around the yard.  I couldn't help but take pictures when something cute was happening.  Here are the 3 Amigas taking a dirt bath and cuddling. Yes, there are three chickens in the picture.

3 Amigas