Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Nov 21, 2013

New Chicken Coop Part 5

Now that the rafters are all in place its time to start putting the roof together.


I was so busying helping I forgot to take more pictures of this process.  In this photo the front half of the roof is complete and half of the facia and sofit is complete.

A little team work helped get the roof done quickly.  In this next photo Ken, Jim and Sam are all working (while I am taking pictures, hehe) together.

It is nice that we had some used metal roofing laying around up by the barn.  It was a hoot dragging the roofing down to the yard with the atv.  Jim and I took turns driving the atv and holding onto the roofing.  He did a much better job at holding onto the roofing than I did.

Oh, oh quickly pictures make this look.  In this next picture the metal roof is all finished.

Now everybody knows you can't have all work and no play.  While we were working on the coop my Uncle Jim had a big birthday party and a big bon fire.  Here is a picture of said bon fire.

Back to work!

Of course we couldn't let the rain stop us.  Now that the roof is on we don't have an excuse.

Rain Won't Stop Us

Rain Won't Stop Us 2

 Redneck just can't seem to stay out of trouble...