Country Maple Farms Shelburn MA Jim and Angel Bragdon
Nov 24, 2013

New Chicken Coop Part 6

Now that most of the outside work is done on the coop we can start on the most exciting part.  The inside!!!


The first wall has been put up.  The shelf has been installed.  The shelf has to be extra sturdy because we plan to put a water cooler on there for their drinking water.  And what chicken coop wouldn't be complete without electricity! Notice the outlet boxes and light switch.

The front door has been built and installed!  These pieces of wood were also rotored.

Now if you noticed in pervious pictures of the outside of the coop, there was a pretty big step.  Jim and Ken built the most amazing stairs.  My Mom was very happy to see these were installed.

Next little project.  The nesting boxes! Four boxes should be enough to handle all our hens.  If not the protector Jim built for above the boxes is removable and we can build more.

Nesting Boxes

Of course you know who had to inspect the nesting boxes!